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>I have resently been excepted to a few Ph D programs (U of Arizona and 
>of Montana) in microbial ecology but am having second thoughts about
>entering.  Outside of academia, what career options would I have.  I am
>interested in the research and would injoy working on my PhD but with 
>glut of PHDs that I am told exist what kind of job would I find.
With few exceptions, you are likely to become a "postdoc." This is
a euphemism for temprorary, underpaid, insecure, flunky positions.

If you are very lucky and exceptionally capable you wil be able to 
move from  a postdoc to a real job.  But, you are also likely to find
out that you have invested 6-7 years of your life getting the PhD,
2-4 years on a postdoc treadmill, and at the age of 30 something, you
are quite unemployable.

See discussions on the newsgroup sci.research.careers.

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