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Monica Riley mriley at mbl.edu
Tue Oct 6 09:50:47 EST 1998

Two postdoctoral positions at Bay Paul Center for Molecular Evolution and
Comparative Biology, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA 02543,
attention Dr. Monica Riley

I. Opportunity to work in the areas of molecular evolution, differentiation
of proteins, origin of life and genomics. Current projects include
analyzing translated amino acid sequences of completely sequenced microbial
genomes from the point of view of 1) paths and mechanisms of evolution of
proteins, 2) deducing the properties of ancestral proteins and 3)outlining
the mechanisms used in divergence of function.  Current approaches include
primary protein sequence comparisons and linking modules with known protein
domain structures. 
Candidates should have a PhD in molecular biology or biochemistry with some
computer programming skills or knowledge of phylogeny analysis, or some
similar combination.

II. Opportunity to work on expanding a dynamic database on E. coli
metabolism (EcoCyc - http://ecocyc.Pangea.Systems.com/ecocyc/server.html.
Future work will include 1) adding metabolism of other bacteria, 2) also
representing (in addition to metabolism) the processes of regulation and
transport, and 3) creating a multi-dimensional classification system to
describe functions of bacterial genes and proteins, to form a foundation
that ultimately can expand to encompass human gene functions.
Candidates should have a PhD in molecular biology/ biochemistry or
microbiology with some computer programming skills.

Address inquiries to Dr. Monica Riley at the address above.

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