Help With Project Needed :)

Dragonfly sara at post2.tele.dk
Mon Oct 5 09:30:38 EST 1998

Greetings everyone :)

We are a little group of 5 people (age 21-25), studying to be medical
laboratory technicians in Denmark, and we are just about to start
writting our 2.nd year project.

But we need background information and was hoping some of you in these
newsgroups could help us out.

We have decided to do a project on bacterias found in kitchens, focusing
on dishcloths, what the most common bacterias are (if any :) ) and here
we would also like to investigate if there are differences in what
backterias are found in  ex. student hostels compared to a  family
household.We expect to do our own experiments too, borrowing dishcloths
from various households, and with the help of the local clinical
microbiology laboratory, examine them for bacterias.

So if any of you out there think you have some articles or whatever it
might be, that could help us or just have the slightest interest to us
please get in touch. We have searched the web ourselfs but we didnt find
alot of information..we found one interesting article at


there´s a reference at the bottom :

Enriquez, C.E., Enriguez-Gordillo, R, Kennedy, D.I., and Gerba, C.P.
Bacteriological survey of used cellulose sponges and cotton dishcloths
from domestic kitchens. Diary Food Environ. Sanitation. 17:20-24

Does any of you have a copy of this article they can share with us? :)

Thanx in advance! :)

On behalf of the entire group

Sara (reply adress sara at post2.tele.dk)

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