Help With Project Needed :)

suzie10 at my-dejanews.com suzie10 at my-dejanews.com
Mon Oct 5 17:12:43 EST 1998

Hi there, how are you all ?

Your project sounds very interesting! I am currently isolating bacteria off
outdoor artificial turf, so I have an interest in these things. The reference
you found is from a journal by the looks of it probably a combination of :
Diary Food Environment/ Sanitation or suchlike. But it is a very recent
article so it should'nt be too hard to find. I don't know where you could
find a copy though sorry! Bacteria that you will probably find will be
Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, among others. If you would like help in
isolating them or techniques post back, because i could help you there!

Good luck!

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