Bacillus lichenformis

Graham Shepherd muhero at globalnet.co.uk
Fri Oct 2 16:52:30 EST 1998

pyogenic = pus-producing
bacteraemia = bacteria in the bloodstream

perhaps you should try a dictionary.

suzie10 at my-dejanews.com wrote in message
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>I've recently isolated some Bacillus lichenformis (using BBL crystals) and
>have been trying to find out if it has any pathogenic properties at all
>(specifically towards humans).
>Some books suggest that it causes 'pyogenic' infections and
>do these mean??)
>I can't seem to find any elaboration on this. Could someone point me in the
>right direction to find out this info, or does anyone know much about it
>themselves? Any replies would be much appreciated!!
>Thanks in advance,
>Suzie (Microbiology Student)
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