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J.T. Pronk j.t.pronk at kabelfoon.nl
Fri Oct 2 16:17:47 EST 1998

Hi Ralf,
The Beyerink/Kluyver museum in our lab (curator: Dr. Lesley Robertson) holds
a very old advertisement (if I remember correctly, end of 19th century or
first years 20th century) describing the merits of a certain preparation of
live bacteria for human consumption. Lesley won't give it away, but I guess
a photocopy should be possible.
Jack Pronk, Kluyver Laboratory of Biotechnology, Delft University of
Technology, the Netherlands

Ralf heeft geschreven in bericht <36136d8e.2828191 at news.wau.nl>...
>As a teacher and researcher in the field of probiotics I am collecting
>(empty) containers of probiotic products.
>If you have any emty container from a probiotic product (dairy or
>pills) or any product information, I would be very interested.
>Ralf Hartemink
>Wageningen Agricultural University
>Department of Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences
>Division of Food Science, Food Microbiology Group
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>6700 EV Wageningen
>The Netherlands
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