Earth's Origin Indicated by Earth's Output

Nicholas Landau nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Oct 2 14:24:58 EST 1998

I think that you are posting this in the hope that it will cause
blood to boil, due to its oversimplifications.

The "primary product" of the Earth cannot be said to be humans.
At the organismal level, single-celled prokaryotes have humans
outnumbered by zillions of orders of magnitude, as do numerous
taxa of invertebrate and numerous taxa of plant.  If you wish to
define "primary product" as that prodcut which leaves the Earth,
then you must realize that every astronaut carries inside his or
her body hundreds of billions of prokaryotic cells.  The vast
majority of organisms whic have managed to leave the Earth have
not been humans, but the parasites inside the humans.

We could be viewed as space ships for bacteria, if you wish.

In addition, abiogenesis was never intended to apply to geologic
time scales.  Even as far back as Darwin, people alluded to
chemical evolution preceding biological evolution (Darwin was a
contemporary of Pasteur and the disproving of abiogenesis.)  When
you refer to biogenic or "germ theory" as well established, you
are correct but applying the idea outside of the conditions
under which it has been well established.

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