Thank you to all of you!

med.student! alagor at euroweb.hu
Thu Oct 1 08:54:02 EST 1998

I don't have so much time to write a long-letter to every one of you who
helped me, but I have to say thank you to all of you, and don't worry...if I
should have a question I will answer it myself (try at least very hard) and
then post it only if I really couldn't answer myself...

I have to admit my strength lies in chemistry. My difficulties in biology
(and that of my whole year grade) is that the biology department demand us
to learn a grate deal of biology in a short time period. My biology teacher
today, told us that we don't need to know the book we have, but on the
contrary the other books either don't follow the syllabus or are too little
in detail.  Its a mixture of both, so its necessary to study of that
difficult biology book which was written for biologists. The pity about it
is; How much will we have forgotten after we completed this year? Studying
so much, makes me really sceptical that at the end of studies I still can
remember it in such a depth (of course I still will remember the basics),
and that is really a pity! At least for now I am a "biology" student, and I
know into what depths biology goes...

Medicine is sort of

Thank you to all of you...and continue adding the "missing" pages to my
biology book,
- a Hungarian medical school student -

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