another few questions!

Dora Gavriil dolphine at otenet.gr
Thu Oct 1 16:36:50 EST 1998

Well I think a little knowledge refreshing wouldnt harm anyone.  This is a
newsgroup: nobody is forcing anybody to read the messages.  If you do not
like it, do not read it but let the others post and read what they like!
Thank You!
Dora from the Big Blue
Deano wrote in message <6unvoa$mpj$1 at nclient3-gui.server.virgin.net>...
>Don't you think it would be better to find the answers for yourself. The
>question is obviously from some test or work you've been given. Why not get
>some good textbooks for the course your doing (your lecturer should be able
>to recommend some) and find the answer in that.
>Only post questions to the newsgroup if you can't find the answer in any
>books or if it is a very advanced question. You'll never learn anything if
>you keep relying on others for answers.
>med.student! wrote in message <6ul1o5$f51$1 at mail.euroweb.hu>...
>>Here is another question somebody could help me answer:
>>2 a) What is the function of the alpha-helices by interpheriphial (hope
>>correct in english) membran proteins?
>>2 b) What role do amphilic (or amphatic=a lipophil and a hydrophil
>>character) helices play?
>>2 c) Do you find also find non-amphatic helices?
>>- a medStudent! -

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