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K.P. the beast

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 27 01:40:50 EST 1998

>I'm not an expert on the nervous system but I didn't realise that you could
>trace individual emotions in it.
> If possible could you explain to me how
>love works in the nervous sytem (sarcasm intended).
Well, else I might actually have released some babbling about
parent-child, herd and partner binding programs in the basolateral
part of the amygdala - and I will never understand how the
neuro-shrinks could come up with a name like that for a center like
this. For me for years this has never ceased to be one of the biggest
jokes on neuro. But then again a lot there is cruel jokes anyway, and
when they had that stuff with cutting other's eye nerves followed with
sawing up someones head and then sticking some smart cap on top
and other stuff like that, that was more effective than all babbling
some tried to get moe out of this room.

If you seriously want to know get enough pure LSD to exceed the point
where the pupils later transit to full size, so that you area having
nearly that amount in again, but not fully the same, sort of short
under double.
(How much you need for full pupil size is different often from person
to person.)
If you are sure you are far enough for that, then do that alone, and
when you start after 15 minutes you take good, soft stereo music (also
two tapes that can be played at once), and then put your right hand
behind your right ear so that it cups behind the ear, touching the
head with the thumb & index finger, as if you wanted to make your ear
Aim the right cupped palm at the right box, and try to hear the sound
just in the right palm, being reflected there.
(Might take 20-35 mintues after you took it till you get better in
that, in between try different shapes wioth your hands imitating ear
shapes you saw in nature.)
When you get quite good just hearing the music reflected in the right
palm, you then just try it with the left ear, which with most people
is the more powerful processing half, and therefore should be trained
after the weaker one.
Wait again until you are just hearing the sould reflected in the left
cupped had (of the left loundspeaker, no longer hearing that).

Keep your eyes c,osed the whole time while you are at it, that is very

Then you aim both hands each at the outermost (left and right) tones
of the stereo music, and just listen to the reflection in the hand,
till you get the feeling that the brain halves start to run more and
more segregated. Do not do that too long, that is not healthy, but
start to go very slowly (eyes still closed) towards your ears with
your palms, imagining the entire soundwall is coming inside.

Reepeat that until you have the feeling that you managed to project
the music into your brain forwards upwards into a soert of dome in
neurology called some part of the cingulate gyrus.
Cheaat your brain into accepting that the tones are running there, and
keep central focus to the outer ones, as else the middle might get too
Then transform the tones into colours, but DO NOT MAKE PICTURES,
temting as that might be.
Keep them with main force as tones and second highest force as

Train that until your pupils have exceeded full size and you get the
feeling inside the effects continued far beyond that.

Return to the stage where the music seems to be running directly in
mentioned cingulate area and keep it running there, but turn the
volume down to very soft ranges.
When are sure that most outer stuff is off-lined, start asking
yourself questions about yourself, but not stuff that is already too
much sober for you, as if you have that LSD is highly dangerous if you
are not knowing how to use it for good psycho work.
If you get Res, the emotions that come with them might be artificially
As long as that is not too bad, ignore that, also if you should go for
minor crying or stuff like that, and DO NOT ANALYZE REs, as the front
is getting damaged by the stuff and is on semi-offline, which is not
the ideal point for good anaalyzing.
Once you have the REs, let them linger a little, and then you ask what
is behind that and what is behind that and what is behind that.
Until it gets not further.
That sector there, check the emotions that are in it.
And try to "stay there" as long as you can.

Then you do the same game again.
Till you again get to the last area where you can ask all you want and
it does not continue.

Whenever you are slightly withdrawing out of there, watch like
daata-vulture which emotions are popping up as you withdraw from
And which ones follow then.

Then you do the game again and again and again, 
and try to hold the sector with the mammal emotions long, the
upsetment one not long, and the rank-fighting and aggression one long

When you get better, which might take some trips, try to aim at the
mammal one and the rankfighting and aggression one straight, straight
linking into them.
Then keep alternating, maybe easiest starting with the mammal one,
then via upsetment to the aggression and rank-fighting one, and keep
doing it, till you can discern yourself from the others and rujn a
limbic segregation.
When you have managed that several times, and have better internal
orientation, try to find out from which position your are perceiving
into the one in the very start where I advised you to make the tones

Then check such postions with neuro cards, as there seem to be
differences between brain where within the cholinergic limbic system
they perceive themselves.

I'd appreciate if you could mail me the according answer.

I am sort of collecting such data.

Once on LSD you manage to be your own areas in the brain and at will
get at the emotion generators, you can merrily access and study
thousands of programs in the mammal and rankfighting area, singly,
connections between them, as you wish.

But it is a very dangerous game, and if you do me a favour you are
keeping certain results about the area you asked about to yoursel,f,
when you are "there" and compare a certain feature there to other
emotional areas, you  might find out whata I mean.

I am very seriously asking you to keep that to yourself, and anyone
else who follows the docking off instruction that I just made.

BTW, this is a highly dangerous art, in many ways.
If people following it should run into serious trouble over that,
contact me,
though since a concussion I cannot get them split anymore (or to be
more precise got splitting headaches when I tried, and then gave up
and now restructured my brain different ;-) .
I have some cells less and am sort of partial autist, that's also why
I know that sector segregation sequence (and some others). In extreme
cases if you manage to fubar your systems too bad for your fixing
powers, if get enough clean acid here to Berlin (here we usually just
have chemo-crap) that I go towards more handicapped stages into the
autist ranges, I can fix stuff in brains in some special ways, because
I know some of the areas and what is going on in and between then
quite well, and have experimented quite a bit with altering stuff
there. I am an LSD teacher, and though currently I work with an odd
mutation of LSD that is fascnating as sense enhancer and telepathic
drug, there was a time before I had a concussion when I had been
tempted to become a mental healer, as there I could segregate and run
other people's emotions through my systems in a sort of sector split
way and watch the correletions and that way helpted some friends,
=because I could also perceive quite a bit of how to readadjust inner

So if you are seriously wanting to know about emotions like different
love emotions and others, the ways I described is one if you managed
to go it, though I do not know how far you will come if you having the
full cell amount.
Many manage the mamammal sector, but the aggression one and splitting
of oneself from the rest is rare, though do not be disappointed if
that does not work.

This is seriously a dangerous way, as emotions are altered by LSD to
unnatural "heights",
and if you really messed it up, remember that you have the offer thata
if it is worth it for you to come here to Berlin and I am in at that
time, that I can try to fix it.

Am not superman, but my brain was weird enough that already some
Kindergarden teacher indicaated to my mother that she considered me
autist, and I knew, too, that I was different from other children when
I was six, though at that age I had not figured out much about it yet.

I used LSD to figure out a lot about it, and though I am a bit odd,
all in all I can otpion to imitate humans as well as I here do with a
foreign language like English,
so there is a lot  within other humans that might not be so within me,
but I can still fix it to quite some extent, observed humans long
enough and my brain is similar enough.

BTW, just for the unlikley case that you are learning to segregate
your areas from the rest, if then you are looking for the next
interesting thingie and that should be magic brain energy sharing with
friends, maybe e-mail me, if by then I am still using this account.
People who can sector segregate I should be able to online within 1-4
sessions. The bitsie with individual emotions you might never have
heard about, but I did from several others, but some of the stuff I
can teach people who got the hang to segregate themselves off the
rest,  I never heard before on this planet (though I do not say that I
was the first to ever find out).


>This is microbiology newsgroup. Most of the people here have
>never seen god under the microscope and I don't think that's gonna happen.
>He isn't going to be sitting there next to a mitochondria!

Well, if I understood him right, we are made in Gods image, and I
guess that is why there are so many into face lifting, because they
did not find that nice, either, and rather would have no one talk
about their real looks, too, 
but I guess if you stuck that God person into a Godly car press
powerful enough, maybe you could get him to fit there?
Might look a bit square and squishy and maybe the mitochondria would
be more delightful without, but I am fairly sure that sold as modern
art called some fancy title you should be able to shovel billions with
Probably a few million bullets, too, as many people tend to have
ungodly little humour, but a true artist should not feel disencouraged
by the lead artworks of others.

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