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K.P. the beast

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 27 01:40:40 EST 1998

(To certain folks: Skip.)

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
Stephan Anagnostaras wrote:

>> > I just recently started subscribing to this group. It's amazing how,
>> > no matter where you go in newsgroup cyberspace, this conversation
>> > persists. Will someone go back, read genesis
Actually I haave been having around here for a while and usually there
is little or no Bible stuff here.
But I am sure that neurological sides might not be minded by some
here, if you keep it to them or related stuff.

>> > Otherwise, shut up. :)

>But what's the length of a "day" in God's Eternity? How can anyone say
>=anything= with respect to such?

Imagine the "lifetime" of a start less than a second, then you might
get some concepts approaching eternity more.

>expects Christ 
Why do you chose that title?
How about some neuro or/and  magic babbling about the yellow shiny
ranges around his head, healing the blind or something like that.

>> Plus, God created man in his image.
Said who, witnessed by what witnesses and whom arae you referring to
with the title god?
Could you  get a little bit more precise or continue that
conversastion in some suited church.

>Be-cause I've traced the energy dynamics of our nervous systems all the way up
>to Free Will, 
Fine, could you tell me about sub area data for accessing the
according subsectors in other brains?

>and have seen, with my own eyes, that our nervous systems, through
>which we actualize behavior, 
What is that for a nonsense?
Can you not discern between yourself and emotion generating sites in
your head and body and try to point out blatantly that you are also
having no knowledge about the brain magically, nor about the brain
from neurology much in other forms to do with energy dynamics or
understanding sectors?

>are =totally= "in Love" with the flow of energy in
>which they're immersed,
Yessss, arae not all those T.V. and handy and radio and other energies
they are immersed in of such lovely harmony...

> my view on the "image" in which we were Created 
What are you talking about, about your parents having sex and creating
Thata is no image.
Would you mind at least occasionally getting to facts.

>dynamics, and I do not purport to "know" God... I "just" =Believe=... i
How about youb continue so in some church or other suited place.

> contemplate Anthropological diversity, look here, is African,
Very different
>Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, 

>Arabic, Jewish, 
Some far more similar.

>Anglo-Saxan, Nordic, 
Closer again... Any system to listing different peoples?

I do not even get the point.

>the moment of Conception, to the sweet "thunder" of collective voices Singing
>God's Praise,
What voices and who is meant with god, and what exactly did he do he
was asked to do that deserves praise or other stuff that is cool, like
wiping up someones puke por not making a big show of oneself and one's
deeds, or being very even-minded, etc...?

> to our final Hope as Life goes our of our bodies in it's Joyous
>Rush to Join God... 
Did you eat a shroom too many?
What are you blabbing about.
If live goes out of my body, then eventually the maggots are likely to
eat me and then I am dead.

I do not understand what you are talking about.
If you are dead what exactly do you want to generate joy with, where
are you rushing how, do you fuck the god bloke and is thata some
sexual joining, or join him in what?
You have never even bothered to describe the person and what interests
him, and you are like some maniac babbling about spooking out of his
corpse to rush to join some friend, but you are making zero references
to people around this planet who and what you are talking about.

I like drugs, too, and might blab on them, too, but you are beataing
me lengthes, and usually I try to see to that people who have followed
what I said from the start at least still have a chance to follow me,
while you rae seeming to assume that everybody is sharing some wierdo
phantasies or some necromantic religion where you drop dead to then
join some bloke.

Get more precision man.

Here I heard of a psycho fucking corpses, too,
and there are those who like to have the urn of their ceceased with
them in the flat, but all in all most have the decency to describe the
person and what they like about them and so on, or some stuff, and not
just babble titles forever in a neuro room.

Could you just get the facts and proof for the next statement, +a
description of the origin or at least where the according person can
be found beyind scientific doubt, so that you do not just sound like
someone who had a heat stroke and a fewever and then stuck a drug on
top and went hallucinataing:

>everything within us =Resounds= with God... why not See
>what's so Awesomely-Beautiful in all this rather than cast God in our image...
>God's the Creator, not us... b

>ut can you see that the "in God's image" Stuff
>flat-out does =not= require a Human form?
No, I do not get what image you are babbling about.
Is that some emotional image or something else?
After all your babbling it might be easier if you simply describe the
person you are ranting on and on about shortly,
and drop all titles, imprecisions and so on,
so that the people not getting what and who you mean can follow.

What, written when by whom with which witnesses?

>> indicates 
I thought you said clearly, bow we are at indicate.
>>that man 
Which man? When? Witnesses?
Where do you hve your data from?

Was created abruptly in God's
Drop title, do concrete reference to person meant.
There must be over a thousands gods I heard about, alone here we are
having about a 200 registered religions laast I heard and there are
loads more around.

> image.
So, fine, some human with a dick,
and you want your corpse to join with him after you are dead.
I am sure he is eagerly waiting for that.

This is not the room for necromantic relations, but some neuro-room.

So get finally on with the neurological detail about it.

>...God =is= Truth... Jesus Taught such plain-as-day.
You are hallucinataing. Jesus did not write one word,
and he was a bastard son without a father and had some psycho-probelm
and made himself some Heavenly Father, using the Jewish God stuff as

But since you seem to say you actually got data from Jesus straight,
how about you enlighten us where he wrote that down, and which
translataion you read it in, or dod you read his original hand

Then tell us a little about the letters, that might finally be
something interesting, as I was unaware that he had written a single
word nor, that as a carpenter's bastard son, he was that much into

> 2000 years have
>come and gone, and folks are =still= prefering the Darkness to The Light that
>Jesus Brought into the world, and Left with us never-endingly.
Surrrre, before the sun did not shine, and then some magician does
some healings, and then the sunnie is shining... How romantic.

Or do you mean the yeloowish telepthic ranges he used?
Then look around at halos around others, and into current magic taught
here, and what do you find, my, who would have thought so, the
yellow-shiny telepatahic ranges that are so neat for accessing other
systems as a healer.

Get to the point.

This is not a church for flipped out freaks.

I do not mind discussing light in context with Jesus, starting that to
walk over water his body halo should have had more the layered power
structures Asians use, 
and we could make some theories about the accuracy of according
pictures, or some other stuff to do with light-like energies, or you
could discuss healer's ranges and techniques he used,
but quit that inane babbling.

I am going to cut the rest, as there seems to be just more babbling
sounding like you manage to hallucinate like someone with a load of
psycho-problems who lost hold of reality.

>If you've read all this, Thank You for hearing me out.

No, I skipped it, as obviously neither with your Jesus nor your other
babbling you managed to get to simple facts, healer energy ranges or
anything but inane babbling about titles, claims without source, etc.

Some childie babbling about the Easter Rabbit might be more
entertaining, as in that age one does not yet experct that much
thinking about facts, but in the age of eight the Christmas Man, St.
Nikolaus, god-chirst title bla, the Easter rabbit and other stuff
along such lines went together with the age of delighting in childie
fairly tales, and it amazes me, that though you seem much older than
eight (and I was basically out of most of such stuff with seven),
you are talking like the idea of sources, witnesses or any other form
of reliable data verification had not even been sought by your, and
yet blanb with utter conviction, though obviously you also do not have
own sources that are seeming reliable enough.

Thata does notmean that I mind theories, do enough of my own, and if
you had talked about how to "walk" oiver water, heal blind people or
would have descrobed other stuff preferably in a neuro or in a
generally well explaing way, that would not have bothered me here at
But if I want stuff that not even the eight year olds here would go
for anymore usually, then I might try some four year old and we can
chat in some far less fanatic way about such belief stuff.

It amazes me that you are not embarassed by yourself.

Here I think if you were a child of eleven others might straight
laught at you, and if you were adult you might be asked for
historically reliable sources before babbling forever like some raving
lunatic about children tales that some might tell the litttle ones, so
that  X-mas is more fun for them, is if you somehow retarded ion
Easter Rabbit level.

And do me a favour, and spare me further ones about Jesus bringing the
light and maybe the Ester rabbit bringing the easter eggs, and St.
Nikolaus or what ever you warped hin into in your culture bringing
nuts and the like...

>Cheers, Stephan, ken (gotta "sign" it, so folks can hold me to it... K. P.

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