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Can sombody answer a small question 4 me?

timothylawless at hotmail.com timothylawless at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 22 08:45:33 EST 1998

In article <3654254C.1643 at pdnt.com>,
  bdavis at pdnt.com wrote:
> timothylawless at hotmail.com wrote:
> > What can destroy energy?
>       Ask over on sci.physics. The way I define
it, entropy.
> > What can create energy from scratch?
>       Nothing.
> > What life form can create energy from scratch?
>       Nothing.
>       Do you want to tell us why you were
asking? you might get a more
> focused response.
--->I posted a theory Im working on to
talk.origins and they basicly laughed at me. I
asked you those three questions cause they are the
basis for my whole theory. Even though I already
knew the answers. I just needed you fine ppl to
confirm it 4 me. I am realy interested in
microbiology, its one of my favorite subjects in
school. I posted this theory in hopes that the
replys from it would help me revise it to be more

HERE is my little theory
  I have studied religion in many forms and until
recently I had know beliefs of my own.Then I
started thinking nothing can create or destroy
energy. Where does the energy does the energy from
our bodies and mind go when we die. Well I would
have to say that all the simple energy from most
body tissue,organs, and cells return to the earth.
That energy is re-introduced in to the cycle of
life providing all new life with energy. Anyway
what im talking about is the energy within our
brains.Our: souls,spirits,though,brain waves or
what ever you wanna call them.This energy is far
to complex for even doctors to understand.If this
same energy was recycled into the earth that would
support the idea for reincarnation.That our
thoughts are sub-consciously embedded into new
life. I can relate to this concept cause is does
seem quite logical. How do you think instinct is
is developed? Science says that an instinct is
embedded from within DNA.Well sure I'll go for
that. Now to my point: I belive that instinct is
created from within Dna but what about the other
intelligence that is not learned but simply
something you become aware of after a certain
age.You can compare this to dajavu and dreams.What
if dreams are not really dreams. What if dreams
are an external psychic energy source that
produces a memory recall thats been transferred
from the energy of the dead and used as the base
structure of new life's entire thought structure.
I belive that all energy must return from where it
originally came from at some point. I belive that
in the beginning there was a huge source of pure
energy and at the center of a great void all kinds
of energy. At the core of this massive energy
sphere was psychic energy AKA brain waves,
souls,spirits,thought and this Massive energy ball
surrounded by an enormous void, god in a since.It
is a conscious being,It is all powerful, but its
only flaw in being a god was that it was not
omnipotent.It did not know all and it was in it's
nature to be.It wanted to learn all that was
possible to learn. So ounce in became aware of
it's ignorance it decided to expand it self into
the giant void that surrounded itself.At that
point the universe,and all that it
contains,including life was created. The universe
being all types of energy. Intelligent life being
the the psychic/thought energy.
So what happens when we die to all the
intelligence that we gathered through out or
lives. I think It returns to the core and expands
the universe further.The universe is always
expanding,it's been proven.
All life is a cycle.All energy is a cycle.Washing
dishes is a cycle.History is a cycle.Everything
that is starts out at some point and ends at
another and then repeats itself.I don't think that
last sentence can be disputed.Because I can't
think of any thing that it does not apply to. When
we die all our existence is added to the core in a
collective thought and we exist there for eternity
as a separate intelligence and a collective of the
whole. I would'nt realy call this collective a
god, but its an easy comparisson.
You can compare all of this to tripod.
Information"us" travels on a highway of light"the
universe" and is all stored in user
names"lifetimes" and all connects to tripod"the
center collection of it all" This is my new theory
and I strongly belive in it. I know that it's not
quite accurate so I am hopeing to revise it with
other ppl's ideas.My heaven will be the center of
it all.
God showed only his back to moses and the glory of
the lord took all the color from his hair and
skin. Why is that? Because god is pure energy who
wants us to serve him as a collection of
information to expand his existence and become
closer to omnipotentence. When we go to heaven the
christian bible says we will be given heavenly
bodies of pure energy.No flesh!.
If you like my concept please let me know at
timothylawless at hotmail.com Ps.This whole
description here is only the basis for my
theory.It really expands into a wide variety of
sub topics, most of which are bible related.Or
referenced to another major world religion Pss.To
learn more about my ideas watch Earth Final
Conflict and most other star trek shows contain
tidbits of my ideas.
> --
> Brian Davis   <---thank you

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