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Tue Nov 17 11:51:12 EST 1998

Deano wrote in message ...
>I just wanted to say that I agree with you completely. Science shouldn't
>have to be cross-referenced with the bible. The bible is just a book with
>facts mixed in with certain moral stories (well that's how I think of it
>anyway, hope I don't offend too many people).
>Look what happened when geologists tried to work out how old the earth was.
>They looked at the bible and worked out when the world was created by going
>along the family tree of Adam & Eve. They ended up with a figure of a few
>thousand years. If you try to tell anyone this now they'd laugh at you.
>Maybe in the future people will look back and think how silly some people
>were for thinking that the earth was made by some strange entity?
>Just adding my 2 cents.

The few thousand year version may not be as absurd as it may sound. If we
are dealing with a superior being, one able to manipulate matter and energy
at will, the creation of a universe in a short time span is not a great
stretch. Also, we are not told if this is the first time that 'God' created
the universe or not. What if this being had tried other lifeforms, tired of
the experiment or decided it to be a failure? If this being is like most
researchers, it would keep a copy of the basic instructions necessary to
reproduce the experiment. If the being has the ability to manipulate matter
and energy as we are discussing, it would not be a stretch to envision it
having the capability to store a representation of the universe in it's last
known state, such that it could be re-instated should the need or desire
arise. Similar to the concept of a 'holodeck' If this were the case, the
resultant universe would appear with a timeline different from the
inhabitants created.
 True, my ideas here are strictly conjecture, and in the overall scheme of
things will matter very little. However there seems to be this conception
that you have to be on one side or the other of this arguement. It appears
that for some of us at least, there is a middle ground.

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