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K.P. the beast

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Thu Nov 12 04:35:05 EST 1998

Please tell me, though, whence came, your "rename"? Hurts some.

Is it because I've said I've no problem with "evolution"?

Think about it. Evolution is "just" some pretty-awesome energy-transformation stuff... do the
folks who argue against evolution, somehow, "prohibit" God from Being-Involved in
energy-transformation stuff?

Speaking strictly for myself, the thought of such'd make me Tremble... 'cause the
energy-transformation stuff is Truth.

Is it because folks don't understand that the energy-transformation stuff is not a "chance"

You know, I don't presume to "Know" God... but I do see Clearly the "hand" of Truth... that
thing which =all= available evidence shows Exists =everywhere= within the Physical Universe...
even right there in evolutionary dynamics. It's in what's described by the 2nd law of
thermodynamics (wdb2t)... and, although I can't take it any further than that,  it's my Belief
that God Knows about all that... I kind of like to think of it in terms of God's "Breathing"...
you know... as in "Inspiration".

I'm attacked all the time, from all sides, by folks who think I'm "denying" this, or "denying"
that, in which they Believe... haven't once encountered a person, doing such "Attacking", who
understands what it is that I'm saying... they just Attack-first, as questions later. Hurts

Check it out... such is the Same-Stuff which Crucified Our Lord, isn't it?

The Beast is Ignorance... not people... the Beast is the Ignorance that blindly leads folks to
"believe" that what's familiar to them is "truth", when, in actuality, it's =just= what's
familiar to them, being elevated, by them, into the "image of 'god'"... there's a "graven
image" if there ever was one... (thought it was supposed to be the other-way-around) "Graven"
right in the Living flesh of the nervous system... =Living= there... the Beast... the
Ravaging-Destroyer... the Condemner of all that is "not-self"... need a reference... check out
the Savagery that's so-recently unfolded in "Yugoslavia"... those folks presumed to
"strike-out" "in the name of their beliefs", "two"... look and see, do you see God in-there?

The Same-Stuff is what Crucified Christ... the Beast, Ignorance", alive in folks... but check
it out, Christ took care of all that, didn't He?

Yes, He did.

And there we =ALL= are, just People who Jesus Loved so much... He Knew we'd Get-It...

Please Forgive me that this is so-seemingly-"Hard". It's "just"-the-opposite... take it for a
walk in the park. ken collins

T. Davis wrote:

>   Hi K.P.
>  So what is it you want published and when do you want to start.The job of publishing has
> gotten a lot easier since the net. No thruth can be stopped now or lie for that matter with
> the net sys's the way they are. Tommy...

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