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Wed Nov 11 15:06:18 EST 1998

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998 11:24:58 -0000, "Deano" <deanwaller at email.msn.com>

>>>>You also can't say that it is only a matter of time before airborne
>>>>strains of Ebola occur. You do not know that for a fact. They could
>>>>have been airborne way back down the evolutionary ladder and it wasn't
>>>>a good strategy so the virus evolved other modes of transmission.
>more hardy than the average virus.
>Maybe it wasn't a good evolutionary strategy a few 1000 or million years ago
>but it might be now. Just because it hasn't become airborne recently (I mean
>that in the evolutionary time scale) it might still retain the genetic
>information to do so.
I never said that it wouldn't. It is entirely possible that it would
retain this information, but it could be at some cost to the virus.
Therefore it is probably only likely to contain such genetic
information if it was fairly recent in origin or use as it doesn't
really have the room, being a virus, to carry too much 'spare'

The only point that I was trying to make was that you cannot predict
with 100% accuracy that Ebola is going to become airborne in the


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