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Spectacular Meteor Shower

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Mon Nov 9 18:38:48 EST 1998


It's not the Plagerism that's the "hard" thing... the Hard thing is that folks've
taken the Science =without= sharing its Worth with the Children and with those who
Suffer Greatly.

The first thing can be Forgiven. The 2nd thing is the Thing which =Must= be
addressed. Toward that end, I note that =all= of the Nobels of 1998 trace directly
back to things that I've communicated publicly over the course of the last decade
via electronic Forums and Newsgroups, and going back nearly three decades, both
publicly in Academic and Conference presentations, and privately via documents sent
to other researchers.

I "don't care" about the Plagerism, nor will I ever care about such... from the
beginning, I did the work as a =Gift= to the Children.

I do, however, Care, with =all= my Heart, that the Understanding has been withheld
from those for whom it was done... that it has been "co-opted" by folks who seek
this-or-that form of "profit" for themselves, and put such self-centered "goals"
before the Immense Tragedy that Ravages their fellow Humans... before their =own=
Children... before the Future.

There's a Big Difference, here, and it's in-me to =not= abandon those who suffer,
but to set this matter =straight=.

All of my =desperation= derives in this one thing... and from the fact that it's
perfectly-clear that Societies-wide TD E/Is are so-extremely-high in Nations all
over the world... there's no time for "recriminations", and hem-hawing... all such
can be swept aside like so many insignificant goose-down feathers... but the 2nd
Thing =must= be dealt with... until it is, it's a Verified Fact that "science" is
Non-Existent... isn't it so?


=Both= things are the work of the "Beast" that Lives right in the flesh of folks
nervous systems... the microscopic trophic modifications which encode Learning
that's been acquired, and handed down across generations, via haphazard experience.

In the realm of "science" the work of the Beast is easily-recognized... look and
see... is there, for instance, any Biologist who doesn't =Know= that the energy
transformations which underpin DNA's unfolding occur as an unbroken Continuous
thing from the time of Conception, and this is, precisely, the stuff that defines
"Human Life"?

Then why has the Understanding of all those folks in Biology been withheld from the
general population?

The Beast Dicates to the Biologists that "such must be done".

Why not "just" give folks the Understanding, and Honor their Free Wills by letting
=them= Choose? "Radical" idea? =Not=. Doing such allows the Scientist to Embrace
and Honor Truth, as one who is "Scientist" =must=, if he/she wishes to remain
"Scientist". But not only that. It also allows other folks to make their own
decisions on the basis of complete information... anything else is not only
=Dictating= to folks, on the part of "science", it's also the Willful inflicting of
the Beast upon folks, isn't it?


Look at the "current" (it's old, but made artificially-"current"... by, guess what?
By the Beast) thing... the "stem-cell" thing which saw one company's "stock market"
"value" double in a single day recently. As much as I Hope for some such success,
since it currently stems from the "need" to destroy a Human Life, it cannot be
accepted until another way is found to do it. Isn't it so?


Destroy Human Life so as to achieve "profit"? Such is Unacceptable, isn't it?


As it stands, the "stem cell" stuff is like the Cave-Dweller's "technology" in
which a person sticks a twig in a fire, so as to ignight a flame elsewhere... the
caveman hasn't created "fire"... he's just transferered it from one combustion
process to another.

It's the same thing with Life... Life is Truth that =must= be Honored. Scientists
Honor Truth by communicating the Understanding that Science develops, isn't it so?


Science cannot "move away from" what it's seen with it's own eyes, and remain
"Science", can Science?


So it's for Science to stop Dictating folks' Decisions to them... Give folks back
their Free Wills. Honor them by Honoring their Choice.

Anything else is from the Beast, isn't it?


Folks aren't "bad". The Villain is the Beast, "Abstract Ignorance"... the absence
of Understanding of how our nervous systems process information.

The Beast has Ravaged us long enough. Who, in Science or other field of endeavor...
wants to be a Dragon-Slayer?

Explore all of the information, and all of its Ramifications, and Decide in your
own good "Hearts".

What I've seen with my own eyes has led me to my own Decision... I will Honor
Truth. K. P. Collins

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> > [...] The Solutions will Endure any "Attack" that can be proposed from within
> > the
> > full extent of Science. K. P. Collins
> ..."just" as they have Endured the long-standing
> "moving-away-from-while-Plagerizing" "Attack" that's been the Sorrful "Action"
> of most, but =Not= all of "science" for nearly three decades... come on,
> "science", wouldn't you rather be Science? Please Engage... in-person, before
> Fair Witnesses. K. P. Collins

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