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Biowarfare (ebola + smallpox)

Eric Beard ericzbeard at email.msn.com
Mon Nov 9 09:09:46 EST 1998

Concerning the use of ebola as a bio-weapon, the Soviets/Russians were
rumored to have found a place in the smallpox genome to hide ebola,
combining the two to form what is refferred to as "ebolapox" or "blackpox",
with the contagiousness of smallpox and the mortality rate of ebola.

This information was published in an article called "The Bioweaponeers" and
its source was Dr. Ken Alibek (formerly Kenatyan Alibekov, a leading Soviet
bioweapons engineer).  However, the claim has been downplayed by researchers
at USAMRIID, who say it may be possible but is highly improbable.

Can anyone provide some solid information on the possibility of actually
combining the two viruses?

Eric Z. Beard

T.D. Laing wrote in message ...
>In article <3631a303.4174575 at news.virgin.net>, fybog at NOSPAMhotmail.com
>(fybog) wrote:
>> On Sun, 18 Oct 1998 16:24:36 +0100, "Deano" <deanwaller at email.msn.com>
>> wrote:
>> >Hi. I hope you don't mind me butting in but bio-warfare is a subject
>> >really interests me and I have been following your conversation.
>> >There are many viruses that fulfil most of the criteria for being a
>> >doomsday virus. Diseases such as certain strains of Ebola and Marlbro
>> >have a mortality rate of 90-100%, an incubation period of about 72 hours
>> >it wouldn't take long for a strain to mutate and become airborne.
>> I think you will find it is nearer 80% mortality for Ebola and 25% for
>> Marburg and both have an incubation period of 10 days. And as for them
>> becoming airborne, that just happened in "Outbreak" at an appropriate
>> dramatic moment. If they were going to mutate and become airborne they
>> would probably have done it by now.

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