Michael David Powell mikepowell at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 31 19:27:11 EST 1998

oops, should have read "ATCC"

mikepowell at mindspring.com (Michael David Powell) wrote:

>  You might check out ATTC's homepage.
>I know they have at least one book on
>John Gentry <jgentry at srs-stg.com> wrote:
>>I am looking for some good references on storing
>>bacteria, viruses, rickettsia and toxins (several
>>different bacterial toxins).  I am interested not
>>only in long term storage at very low temperatures
>>such as -70C but also in short term at higher temps
>>such as 4C.  I know that there are a variety of
>>factors that must be considerations in the storage
>>of these organism and toxins. I just need some good
>>references to pull them all together. Any
>>suggestions would be appreciated.
>>                                        JG.

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