Pressure Cooker as Autoclave AGAIN

Ted Burrows ted at integrated-designs.co.uk
Fri Jul 31 19:06:41 EST 1998

I did mean truly sealed, as per ampoules, capped bottles, Schucko bags etc 
but really used the wrong terminology in referring to boiling off. 
Probably exploding/imploding depending on the condition would be more 

A.Ferszt wrote
> I don't think we're talking about exactly the same thing here. To me,
> sealed means *really* sealed. There is no possibility of the liquid
> contents boiling off, because they can't escape unless the bottle or cap
> split (which certainly happens from time to time). That's why we always
> back the screwcaps off a tiny bit. The concept of an autoclave that can
> sterilise truly sealed bottles of liquid (and bottles that can take it)
> is new to me. It doesn't surprise me that they would be found in
> manufacturing facilities. Lucky people!

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