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POVLT wrote:
> --
> Provincial Research and Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Horticulture
> Ieperseweg 87,   B-8800 Rumbeke (Beitem)   BELGIUM
> (near Roeselare in the Province West-Flanders,   at the sea-side)
> Tel.  0032 - 51-22 75 57          Fax.  0032 - 51-24 00 20
> The mushroom department of the Provincial Research Centre is looking for a
> SELECTIVE SOLID CULTURE MEDIUM for detecting TRICHODERMA in air-samples : can any-one help us
> with information on that subject ?
> Many thanks in advance
> Bernard Desrumaux

Trichoderma medium E.  Works well on soils.  It should work with air. 
This is the reference.  If you need additional info, let me know. .

Papavizas, G.C., and Lumsden, R.D. 1982. Plant Disease 62:1019-1020.

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