Pressure Cooker as Autoclave AGAIN

Mr J P Kerslake, B.Sc.,F.B.I.S. kerslake at sees.bangor.ac.uk
Mon Jul 27 03:53:30 EST 1998

I have just receaved a mail From: rrrandolph at juno.com (Robert Randolph).
Re the above. However, when I try to reply to him I get Unknown  user
error. Will He Email me again and say if it is OK to post my reply to
the group. 

Let me refrase my previous statment, as Mr Randolph apears to have
miss-understood the point of my posting. A pressure cooker works fine as
an autoclave. HOWEVER, in europe home pressure cookers are limiter to 15
psi. THE SAFETY REGULATIONS. require medical & biological autoclaves to
work at 21 psi. Thus, using a 60 ukp pressure cooker insteafd of a 750
ukp autoclave can get you into serious legal trubble. If someone is hurt
you can end up in JAIL/ &/or bee sued. Check local laws & regs BEFORE
using a pressure cooker at work.

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