Bacterial Susceptibility To Phage

Mariana Georgieva mariana at globalnet.co.uk
Mon Jul 27 12:01:05 EST 1998

When serial dilutions are carried out on a phage that is then used to infect
bacterial lawns plaques are formedif the bacteria are succeptible. If a the
log of no. of plaques formed at each dilution and the log diltution are
plotted a straight line is obtained with a theoretical gradient of 1(as a
x10 increase in conc. should increase the no. of plaques by the same
Therefore, what is indicated by a significantly lower gradient (e.g 0.3).
Could this difference indicate the bacteria's resistance/susceptibility to
that particular phage? Please send me your comments and thoughts on this as
I am carrying out a project looking at S.epidermidis strains' susceptibility
to different bacteriophages this summer. Thanks.

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