Pressure Cooker as Autoclave AGAIN

A.Ferszt a.ferszt at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Mon Jul 27 13:39:09 EST 1998

Ted Burrows wrote:
> A.Ferszt wrote:
> > I assume you don't really mean 'sealed' for the glass containers, as
> > I've never seen anyone autoclave/pressure cook a truly sealed bottle
> > except when they are being stupid. Most don't do it twice (at least >
> notwhen I was in the lab!!).
> It is quite normal to autoclave sealed glass, and plastic containers in
> the correct type of autoclave. Such products as WFI are regularly
> sterilised in this manner as are many products requiring terminal
> sterilisation.
> They do require careful validation in order to find any hot spots during
> the cooling stage
> Ted Burrows.   Registered Authorised Person (Sterilizers)
> Integrated Designs
> Thermal Validation specialists

Good heavens! How do you keep the bottles from blowing up? We always
tighten the cap, and then back it off a little. Once the load is cool,
the caps are tightened before the bottles go on the shelf. The media
never get contaminated. Sealed plastic bottles have been known to
collapse as they cool.

I suppose the 'correct type of autoclave' is one that has never been in
any of the university labs I've been in!

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