aerosol size characterisation

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Stephane Bourget <hbiotech at cam.org> wrote:
> Hello,

> I want to characterize the size distribution in microns of a biological
> aerosol. Does somebody know where I can purchase the right piece of
> equipment approx. price and where? Thanks.

Well, thats not trivial ...

One method that can be used for particle sizes for instance of
bacteria, dust and other solids is sampling with a cascade impactor.
Air is sampled through the impactor and particles impact on metal
plates according to their median aerodynamical diameter. Having
for instance 6 stages you can use a high performance balance to measure
each of the 6 metal plates and calculate the size distribution of
your aerosol.

There is a six stage anderson cascade imapctor for viable particles.
I found one company using alta-vista (with very nice scetches and


Also you might want to have a look in a very good book:
(Hopefully correct ...)
Bioaerosols Handbook
by Christopher S. Cox, Christopher M. Wathes (Contributor) 

Hardcover - 656 pages (May 1995) 
David Lewis Publishing; ISBN: 0873716159 ; Dimensions
(in inches): 1.54 x 10.32 x 7.36 

Hope this helps ...
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