Pressure Cooker as Autoclave AGAIN

A.Ferszt a.ferszt at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Thu Jul 23 19:58:26 EST 1998

Ted Burrows wrote:
> Austin Reade wrote on Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:50:23 GMT
> > Good advice.  I am aware of a micro lab where staff were fortunate to
> > escape injury using a domestic pressure cooker to sterilise culture >
> media.
> Be very careful if you sterilise fluid in sealed glass containers.
> Proper autoclaves for processing this type of load have built in safety
> controls that stop the doors being opened until the load is below 80°C,
> you don't have this with a pressure cooker.
> The risk of the glass containers bursting when exposed to cold air is
> very real if the contents are above 80°C.
> Ted Burrows.   Registered Authorised Person (Sterilizers)
> Integrated Designs
> Thermal Validation specialists

That was precisely what I meant with my warning. I've seen people put
the pressure cooker under cold running water, then open it up to find
their bottles of media are nearly empty because it's been boiled out
with the sudden depressurisation. I've never experienced one bursting
because of the cold air, but it could happen.

I assume you don't really mean 'sealed' for the glass containers, as
I've never seen anyone autoclave/pressure cook a truly sealed bottle
except when they are being stupid. Most don't do it twice (at least not
when I was in the lab!!).

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