Ebola / Marburg

Viroman mharman at utk.edu
Wed Jul 22 13:26:02 EST 1998


Try reading "THe coming Plague" for sure, but also try a book titled:
"LEVEL 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC" it gives a great personal account by the
scientists who worked in Africa on the Ebola outbreaks. The Authors are
McCormick, Fisher-Hoch, adn Horvitz.

C.J. also put out an interesting book titled "Virus Hunters" I suggest

 CDC homepage
 Infectious Disease Page
 Virology page

David Baxter wrote:

> Can anyone reccomend some good reads or websites relating to these
> virus's.  I'm looking for stuff that goes a little in depth but not over
> my head (I'm no biology expert).  I'm interested in material that mostly
> looks at the historical and scientifical side of Ebola and Marburg type
> bugs.

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