aerosol size characterisation

Richard Mateles rmateles at candida.com
Wed Jul 22 14:19:45 EST 1998

This is a non-trivial project.  In some circumstances it can be done by
light scattering measurements, but aerosols tend to be very transient owing
to evaporation of the liquid phase.  If you have a dispersion of a solid, it
is more stable, but there are still problems in measurement.

I suggest you look in two bodies of literature, for both of which
characterization of aerosols is very important.  (1) applications technology
for pesticides; and (2) biological and chemical warfare, where the
production and characterization of an aerosol is critical.

Sorry, but I can't give you any specific references to equipment.

Rich Mateles

Stephane Bourget wrote in message <6p58u6$8at at tandem.CAM.ORG>...
>I want to characterize the size distribution in microns of a biological
>aerosol. Does somebody know where I can purchase the right piece of
>equipment approx. price and where? Thanks.
>Stephane Bourget
>bourget at cam.org

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