Pressure Cooker as Autoclave AGAIN

A.Ferszt a.ferszt at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Tue Jul 21 18:11:15 EST 1998

William J. Mason wrote:
> Everyone,
> The advice about the pressure cooker was well received.  Now the other
> question:
> What, if any, literature has been published on this?
> What brand names that you have had specific experience with work the best?
> Where can they be ordered (companies) or were they purchased at a kitchen
> supply store, Wal-Mart, etc..?
> Thanks for your help,
> Jeff Mason
> University of Arkansas, Biological Sciences/Microbiology
> wmason at comp.uark.edu
> http://comp.uark.edu/~wmason

Can't help you with references, but I've used most of the popular (US)
brands of pressure cookers in various labs. As long as the seals and
weights etc are kept in good condition (and used correctly), they're
pretty robust.

They were always bought off the shelf in department stores. Just make
sure you have a good way to audit the sterility, just as you would with
a larger autoclave. I've used those strips that change colour, as well
as standard autoclave tape placed on the coolest part of whatever is
being autoclaved.

Supervise the students though, and the post-docs. They tend to be in a
hurry which can result in disaster!

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