cohort....what is cohort??

Gail L Stogdell stogdell at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 17 11:00:49 EST 1998

Cohort means a grouping of people who have something in common.  The
dictionary lists the word as a noun and explains the word as a person being
a colleague or accomplice.  Also it can be a subgroup of people who are in
the same age group or in the same income level or have the same disease.  In
the hospital we use the term more like a verb and we "cohort" people to
control the spread of disease.  For example, in the winter months when we
have outbreaks of resiratory syncychial virus we pair 2 kids with this
disease in the same room versus one kid with RSV and one without RSV.  We
also group MRSA patients together when necessary.  While individual rooms
would be ideal there may not be enough rooms available for that so we
"cohort" patients with the same infectious disease.  So I would assume in
this example "cohort studies of HIV positive person" they have been studing
HIV positive persons  living together or grouped them somehow.  Or possibly
they mean different studies which have something in common.  Maybe it just
means it is a cohart study just because all of the subjects have the same
disease.  Hope this helps a little even though it is rather vague.
Umnarj Paeratakul wrote in message <35A89E12.6163 at mozart.inet.co.th>...
>Dear friends,
>I have difficulties translating the meaning of
>"cohort"  for example "cohort studies of HIV positive person"
>What is the meaning of cohort?  (My Thai language dictionary
>does not have this word.)
>Thank you in advance
>umnarj at mozart.inet.co.th

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