The Big, Bright Green Vaccine Machine, part 2

Mike O'Hara mjohara at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jul 13 04:47:54 EST 1998

TRKeske wrote:

	I'm sorry Tom, it may seem like I am hounding you after also
disagreeing with your last post. Te truth is I just for your arguments
confusing and only partially true.

	I have worked in the vet vaccine industry since I left University. 
	Your immune system analogy was highly suspect and I personally found it
a bit offensive. 
	There is no question that vaccines can have risks attached. Why is
this? It is mostly because it is a broad-spectrum approach to a problem.
It is old hat, but all immune systems are differnt to a greater or
lesser extent and people will therefore respond differently depending on
the antigen. It is a demonstrable fact that certain members of a
population just will not respond to a particular antigen no matter how
well defined or presented. 
	Secondly, the antigens in a vaccine need not be viral, they can be any
immunologically stimulating molecule: virus, bacteria, parasite etc. The
"inactivation" can be chemical, heat, passaging to attenuate (as
Pasteur's original rabies) or using molecular techniques as you
	I am still not sure what you were attemtping to say. My impression was
that you disapproved of some things that have been done. I will be the
last apologist for business; I feel that some decisions that have been
taken were not 'scientific' nor adequately researched. However, to
reiterate...one of the major quality standards in the industry is
current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) which may be summarised to
"you are expected to keep up with the state of technology and science
and deliver a product that is safe, pure, efficacious and consistent to
the best of current practice". Secondly, all work of this kind is based
on risk analysis. There is no 100.00000% safe. 

Incidently, a jolly good read in this general area is a book called
"Invisible Invaders" I apologise to the author - I cannot remember their
name but Amazon have it.



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