Counting of E. Coli B/r

Robert A. Monticello, Ph.D. rmonti at wolv.tdsnet.com
Mon Jul 13 09:35:28 EST 1998

In article <35A495FB.67FE1513 at studi.unizh.ch>, Simon Sulser
<swsulser at studi.unizh.ch> wrote:

> I need to know the number of cells in culture. But I don't have time to
> make some dilutions and plate them.
> There are three ways that I know:
> 1. Coulter Counter
> 2. Haemocytometer (Neubauer)
> 3. OD 600
> ad 1: My cells seem to be too small (around 1.5µm diameter) to count
> ad 2: This thing was originally made for Erythrocytes with 7.5µm
> ad 3: rule of thomb: 0.1 OD roughly equivalent to 1*10^8 cells
> Has anybody already done this with E. Coli? What should I do best?
> Thanx, S.Sulser

For me OD 600 seemed to be the easiest, its not absolutely accurate
depending on growth status of the cells but it is quick and in most cases
accurate enough.

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