FDA Salmonella

Sat Jul 11 06:23:24 EST 1998

There are two sensible reasons for the inclusion of Lactose :-

a) There are strains of Lactose positive Salmonella

b)  Lactose can off set the toxic effects of bile salts.

Travis Thayer <ez060251 at mailbox.ucdavis.edu> wrote in article
<Pine.GSO.3.96.980708105552.13361A-100000 at catbert.ucdavis.edu>...
> 	I have a question about why the FDA Bacteriological Analytical
> Manual has lactose broth as a first enrichment step in isolation of
> Salmonella from foods (see BAM 1992 & 1995 update under Salmonella:"
> Preparation of Foods for Isolation of Salmonella").  It seems to me that
> this would be counterproductive in looking for Salmonella.  I'm kind of
> thinking that maybe it's a case of the government being set in their ways
> and not wanting to update.  Does anyone have any idea about this, or a
> valid reason why they would do this?
> Thanks,
> Travis Thayer

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