motile marine microorganisms

Phil jorge2 at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 11 10:06:21 EST 1998

skyamsen wrote:
> There was one particular bacteria that digested all the agar.  but I was
> talking about motile bacteria.  Any other suggestions pls..
> skyamsen
> >>
> >
> >If you're cultivating marine bacteria it would be a good idea to use a
> >gelling agent that they can't digest - which tends to rule out agar....
> >
> >GS
> >
> >
Inoculate by streaking and then poor additional agaer or other gelling
material over the agar (thin layer) or even inoculate into molten agar
and poor into plate to gel.  Of course the agar should be relatively
cool though molten (around 49C)

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