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Yes. It's not the level of number of organisms that is important but the type
of organisms present that can be dangerous.  High counts of non-pathogenic
microorganisms can indicate that pathogenic organisms are present.  I
specifically need to know where or what it is that you are having concerns
with microbial contamination. Large numbers of microorganisms present is food
is bad period. If, you suspect food to be contaminated by large numbers of
microorganisms do not eat it.  Mom, had it right, smell the food if it smells
bad don't eat it or as mom said, "It has been sitting out to long don't eat
that." Even if, food doesn't smell bad if it has been sitting out for more a
long period of time in warm weather it is safer not to eat it. Paul

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> I want to now if anyone can help me about the level of all microorganis can
> be dangerus to men helth, or the limits of the food contaminathion.

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