First Request for Materials

"Katz, Sue -Microbiology", PhD SKATZX at arizona.midwestern.edu
Thu Jul 9 19:10:01 EST 1998

Small Introduction:
This is a project I am heading as part of the ASM Education Division,
Division W.
I am posting it here, as well as on the ASM Listservs to make sure that
the request reaches as many people as possible.
We shall make these materials accessible on the WWW.
If you have any questions about this or wish to assist, please contact
Sue Katz (skatzx at arizona.midwestern.edu)

> First Request for Lab Preparation Manual Materials 
> Please do not post in reply, but 
> email to:
> 	Sue Katz, skatzx at arizona.midwestern.edu
> Or snail mail to:
> 	Sue Katz,  Basic Sciences, Midwestern University, 19555 N 59
> Ave, Glendale AZ, 85308
> Or fax to my attention at :
> 	school  (602) 572-3226
> 	home  (602) 875-1591
> Staining Procedures for the following stains:
> Gram Stain, Negative Stain, Acid Fast Stain and Spore Stain 
> I would like to make the first request one for techniques which many
> of us will use.  If you use variations of the following stains, I
> would like to begin collecting them for collating.  As the standards,
> I chose the ones used in the Methods for General and Molecular
> Bacteriology, Ed. by Gerhardt, ASM.  If in doubt, please send anyway.
> As the materials come in, they will be collated and prepared for
> posting.
> Standard Gram Stain:   Hucker Staining Method (page 32)
> Standard Negative Stain:   Nigrosin Method, as in Methods (page 27)
> Standard Acid Fast Stain:  Ziehl-Neelsen Staining Method (pages 32-33)
> Standard Spore Stain:  Shaeffer-Fulton Staining Method (page 34)
> Please include the following in your responses:
> 1.  Name of Stain
> 2.  Reference (if any)
> 3.  Necessary materials 
> 4.  Procedure
> 5.  Preparation, use and storage of Stains 
> (including information such as stain sources and stain form, how long
> need to be aged and how long the stain seems to last)
> 6.  Bacteria preparation comments
> (i.e. media and temperature, broth/solid culture, age of culture,
> volume needed per student/group)
> 7.  Safety considerations
> 	Use, disposal, preparation
> 8.  Additional comments
> Thanks, 
> Sue Katz

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