Antique bacterial names - what are they now?

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl.removethis
Thu Jul 9 09:22:43 EST 1998

I'm preparing an article on some of the microbial paintings of Henriette
Beijerinck, and am having trouble finding the modern names for a couple
of Martinus Beijerinck's bugs:
Bacillus cyano-fuscens (sic) is shown by the Index Bergyana as occurring
in black glue and in blue Gouda cheese (a combination which doesn't bear
thinking about!). It didn't make it into the first edition of Bergey's
manual under that name.
The root nodule bug, Bacterium radicicola is listed in the Index
Bergeyana under that name, but had turned into Rhizobium radicicola by
the first edition of Bergey's manual, but has now vanished (and the
Rhizobia have been organised into 4 genera).
Can anyone put modern names to these two?
Lesley Robertson

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