Antique bacterial names - what are they now?

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl.removethis
Thu Jul 9 09:46:03 EST 1998

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Lesley Robertson wrote:

> I'm preparing an article on some of the microbial paintings of Henriette
> Beijerinck, and am having trouble finding the modern names for a couple
> of Martinus Beijerinck's bugs:
> Bacillus cyano-fuscens (sic) is shown by the Index Bergyana as occurring
> in black glue and in blue Gouda cheese (a combination which doesn't bear
> thinking about!). It didn't make it into the first edition of Bergey's
> manual under that name.
> The root nodule bug, Bacterium radicicola is listed in the Index
> Bergeyana under that name, but had turned into Rhizobium radicicola by
> the first edition of Bergey's manual, but has now vanished (and the
> Rhizobia have been organised into 4 genera).
> Can anyone put modern names to these two?
> Lesley Robertson

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