Counting of E. Coli B/r

Simon Sulser swsulser at studi.unizh.ch
Thu Jul 9 05:05:47 EST 1998

I need to know the number of cells in culture. But I don't have time to
make some dilutions and plate them.
There are three ways that I know:

1. Coulter Counter
2. Haemocytometer (Neubauer)
3. OD 600

ad 1: My cells seem to be too small (around 1.5µm diameter) to count
ad 2: This thing was originally made for Erythrocytes with 7.5µm
ad 3: rule of thomb: 0.1 OD roughly equivalent to 1*10^8 cells

Has anybody already done this with E. Coli? What should I do best?

Thanx, S.Sulser

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