A.Ferszt a.ferszt at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Wed Jul 8 18:19:39 EST 1998

akd38 wrote:
> I'm looking for a method of isolating  genomic DNA from the siliceous
> sponge Geodia cydonium. I tried the QIAGEN Blood & Cell culture Kit but
> wasn't succesful at all.
> The main problem is caused by the silica pieces which I achieved after
> producing single cells and the gemmulae which couldn't be lysed due to
> the membrane associated silica pieces.
> If anyone had ever heard of someone who had ever lysed any kind of
> membranes of siliceous sponges, it would be nice if YOU could inform
> me...

I'm wondering if you might need to do a 'long' prep rather than using a
kit. Would mild sonication help? I don't know a thing about sponges.

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