Male Ejaculation and Female Acid Reaction video clip(s).

Pramod Sharma psharma at bnl.gov
Tue Jul 7 20:53:56 EST 1998

NOVA has a nice four volume series; one video cassette is called "Miracle of
Life". These videos are often shown in high schools or in colleges (freshman
year) either as a part of sex education curriculum or as a part of
developmental biology curriculum.

shitr at fuck.com wrote in message <6npiej$1pt$1 at news1.iamerica.net>...
>I am looking for a video clips that show the male penis ejaculating semen
>the female vaginal canal, in particular I need to be able to see the female
>acid response to the Male ejaculate coming into contact with the vaginal
>Thanks alot for the help.  mdr at ultravision.net
>Please send all responses to mdr at ultravision.net

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