Sequencers and synthesizers

Michael Sherrell grizzly at SLIP.NET
Tue Jul 7 16:57:39 EST 1998

I have a number of peptide and oligo synthesizers and sequencers for =

	PerSeptive 9050, ~$10K
	PerSeptive Expedite 8909, <=3D $14K
	ABI 394, rebuilt, warranteed, Oligonet-ready, ~$12K
	ABI 394, rebuilt, warranteed, non-Oligonet, ~$11K
	ABI 391, rebuilt, warranteed, $7K
	ABI 430, rebuilt, warranteed, ~$12K
	ABI 433, rebuilt by ABI, warranteed, < $40K
	ABI 373 stretch, 5-filter, Genescan, 36-lane, $29K
	ABI 477, <=3D $10K
	ABI 120, 130, $2.5K


	Finnigan MAT 900, <$50K
	Finnigan MAT 90, ~$45K
                MicroMass Quattro II, ~$200K
	HP, masses to 500 KDa, lightly used, <=3D$60K
	Finnigan Laser MAT 2000, <$40K

Other expensive hi-tech items:
	Bio-Dot sub-microliter 8-channel aspirate/dispense system (typically =
96-well microplate source, glass slide, microwell plate or membrane =
target), < 1 year old
	Molecular Devices 445SI-MAC Phosphorimagers, ~ 3 years old, currently =
operating and under maintenance contact, pretty low price

	I also have available a few other synthesizers and sequencers and a =
wide selection of HPLCs, mass specs, and other lab instruments.

	Please contact me to discuss any of these items, or if you have any =
items you might like to sell.

Michael Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834

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