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Hi People!

Just a brief note to let you know that the Microbial-Genomes Mailing
List has moved from its previous home on the mailbase server to our
local server. The addresses for subscription requests and for posting
have therefore changed--see below after the signature.

The list is intended to be a forum for the discussion of microbial
(bacterial, archaeal and small eucaryotic genomes), including
on progress on genome sequencing projects and technical
details of sequencing and sequence analysis.

More specifically, intended uses of the list include, but are not
limited to:

* Announcements of new microbial genome sequencing projects
* Announcements of significant milestones in current projects
* Announcements of completion of microbial genome sequencing projects
* Take away lessons or vignettes gleaned from sequencing projects
* Distribution of URLs for sites pertaining to sequencing projects,
including genomic databases
* Information on newly published papers on small genome sequencing
* Discussion of sequencing techniques, hardware etc
* Discussion of sequence annotation and analysis methods,
software, algorithms etc
* Discussion of the ways in which genomic data can be used,
including up-and-coming technologies (DNA chips, EUROFAN etc.)
* Requests for collaborators on genome sequencing and analysis projects
* Dissemination of pre-prints for discussion and electronic peer review
* Announcements of meetings on microbial genomes

Please forward this e-mail to anyone who you think might be interested.
Please get stuck in and post any information you have that might be of
interest to list readers, so long as it fulfils the above criteria (NO
SPAM and no attachments, please)

The new web site for the list is:
It's a bit threadbare at the moment, but will be improved over the
coming weeks. The list archive has been moved from its previous site,
but is not being updated just now--message archiving will be enabled

And while I am here, let me give our Campylobacter jejuni and Yersinia
pestis genome sites a plug:


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