The Big, Bright Green Vaccine Machine, part 1

Sat Jul 4 08:25:02 EST 1998

Again we see how little bits of knowledge can be worse than complete 
ignorance.  It has been known for years that SV-40 contaminated the 
earl lots of the inactivated polio vaccine.  I'm surprised that Tom 
isn't claiming that the contamination was indeed deliberate.  The 
question of whether SIV also contaminated these vaccines is the next 
question.  It is certainly likely that SIV might have been present in 
the original African green monkey kidney cell preps.  However, this in 
no way implies that the vaccine may have been the source of AIDS.  
SV-40 is a particularly hardy virus, and was able to resist the 
chemical inactivation procedures which killed the polioviruses.  SIV, 
like all retorviruses, are nororiously unstable.  These viruses are 
very easy to inactivate in vitro, making it unlikely that an 
infectious dose survived the vaccine processing.  I know that Tom 
would never consider this concept, but that doesn't make it go away.
However, the point of unknown viruses contaminating vaccines, organs, 
blood, etc., is real and ominous.  There is an ongoing debate about 
the magnitude of the risk associated with using animal organs for 
xenotransplants in humans.  Most of the infectious disease community 
have come out on record as being either completely opposed to the use 
of primate tissues, or at least calling for a moratorium until the 
issue of transmission of unknown viruses has been more fully explored.  
Unfortunately for Tom and his circle of conspiracy addicts, the idea 
of responsible scientists calling for more thought on the subject 
doesn't lend itself well to their belief that all of us scientists are 
either chasing dollars at the expense of humanity, or trying actively 
to find ways to kill off the gays, blacks, Jews (insert your pet 
victim status here).
Now, if Tom were to do his homework like a good boy, he would know 
that the original HBV vaccine was produced from proteins obtained from 
the blood of HBV infected individuals.  No cell culture or animal 
tissues were involved.  The current HBV vaccine is made from a 
recombinant protein (HBsAg) produced in yeast.
See ya

Jay M.

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