Phylogeny of protists

Jeremias Galletti jeremias at teletel.com.ar
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On 2 Jul 98, at 22:28, grossep wrote:

> This is almost certainly in the wrong spot, as my post on kinetoplastid
> storage went unanswered.  Please direct me to the appropriate newsgroup!
> It seems to me that the only difference between kinetoplastids and
> euglenids is the kinetoplast.  Could this mean that one group evolved
> from the other?  Any studies?

(Snipped ...) Asks questions and gives comments about protists.

> Thanks, Josh Grosse

Dear Josh,

There's a specific newsgroup in the bionet.* hierarchy called 
protista. The full name is bionet.protista. I believe that's the right 
place to ask about protista. If you don't have Usenet access, you 
may subscribe to the corresponding mailing list.

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