The Big, Bright Green Vaccine Machine, part 1

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Thu Jul 2 22:37:01 EST 1998


Proposition:  Between 10 and 30 million people have been injected
with vaccines that were contaminated with a monkey virus that 
shows evidence of causing cancer in lab animals.

Answer quickly, now, and no cheating-  Is this proposition:

   1) A plot for a new science fiction movie?
   2) A wild rumor spread by internet conspiracy theorists?
   3) A fact acknowledged by all major health organizations and
        the mainstream media?

If you answered "3", congratulations, at least you are reading
newspapers.  But don't congratulate yourself too much, because if
all you are reading is newspapers, and you haven't been much 
concerned about the issue, then you still have a very considerable
amount to learn about the subject.

Do you nervously await the blows of cruel fate?

The Big Vaccine Machine is Bright Green, not only because it is
the color of the money made from vaccines, but also because it is
the color of the monkeys whose tissues were used in the production
of the vaccines.  Specifically, it was the African Green Monkey,
whose simian viruses are considered by most medical experts to be
the precursor to HIV.

A virus called SV-40 did indeed pass unnoticed in vaccines that were
given to millions of people.  If you read newspaper accounts, this
seems unexciting, because of the propaganda line that the SV-40 virus
appears to cause no problems in human beings.

Of course, even if SV-40 were harmless, it would be foolish to pay
little concern to the fiasco.  If millions of people did not get cancer
as a direct result, it is merely from our good luck.  It is at best a 
near-fiasco that highlights the extreme dangers that can lurk 
behind the use of vaccines.

However, it is not so clear whether we were so lucky as to have
merely a "near" fiasco.  One must look past the reassuring propaganda.

Michele Carobone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University,
isolated fragments of SV-40 in human bone cancers and a form of
lung cancer called mesotheliomas.  The viral contaminate was found in
33% of osteoscarcoma bone cancers, 40% of other bone cancers, and
60% of mesotheliomas lung cancer.

An Italian team of researchers at the University of Ferrara discovered
SV-40's presence in various other tumors: 83% of chroiod plexus
papillomas, 73% of ependymomas, 47% of astrocytomas, 50% of
glioblastomas, 14% of meningiomas.

Dr. Howard Strickler of the NIH has plotted a geographic pattern to
the cancers associated with SV-40, helping to confirm its link to
the tainted vaccines.  Massachusetts and Illinois residents who
received tainted vaccines are now demonstrating ten times the
rate of osteosarcoma bone tumors, compared to those who received
vaccines free of SV-40- a fact that I have not seen mentioned in the
press, here.

Green monkey tissues were used in the production of smallpox
vaccines used in Africa.  The vaccines clearly have a relationship
to the spread of AIDS.  I am attempting to determine whether green
monkey tissues were involved with the hepatitis B vaccines
given to gay men in New York, in the late 1970s, which also
coincided with the onset of AIDS.  It appears that similar tissues
were also used.

Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Ronal Desroier, points out
that medical knowledge is limited to "perhaps 2% of existing
monkey viruses".  Is it possible that SIV, or some mutant strain
of SIV, from the same monkey tissues, was also mass-injected
into human beings, just as SV-40 was, precipitating the AIDS

Obviously, when medical experts or the mainstream press talk
about "contaminated needles" being a likely candidate for
helping to spread AIDS in Africa, they are very deliberately
censoring some other, even more likely, possibilities.  It was
no so likely the "needles" contaminated, but the vaccines,

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.


"Thirty Year Legacy of Tainted Polio Vaccine", Harold Stearley,


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