Phylogeny of protists

grossep grossep at cadvision.com
Thu Jul 2 23:28:21 EST 1998

This is almost certainly in the wrong spot, as my post on kinetoplastid
storage went unanswered.  Please direct me to the appropriate newsgroup!

It seems to me that the only difference between kinetoplastids and
euglenids is the kinetoplast.  Could this mean that one group evolved
from the other?  Any studies?

Also regarding amitochondriate protists.  Considering the three lineage
sets - metamonads, parabasalia, and mitochondriates, there seems to be a
conundrum.  Karyomastigonts are found in the first two, Golgi bodies in
the latter two.  What sort of phylogeny do these groups have?

Thanks, Josh Grosse

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