Food borne E. coli

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Wed Jul 1 20:22:20 EST 1998

I don't believe that stomach acid provides a "barrier" to E. coli, at least
not with respect to E. coli 0157:H7.  Infection produces it most severe
abnormailities in the ascending and tranverse colon, and there finds
receptors to which to attach and release vero-toxins.
David Kafkewitz , edu at andromeda.rutgers.edu <"kafkwtz"@andromeda.rutgers>
wrote in message <199807011648.MAA06877 at andromeda.rutgers.edu>...
>With respect to food borne E coli infections, does the stomach provide
>an acid barrier against passage of viable cells to the intestine ? If
>so, does the use of antacids compromise this barrier ?
>Thanks, David

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