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Wed Jul 1 20:40:23 EST 1998

il128 at my-dejanews.com wrote:
> The morphology without any size determination is not much help. How big is
> this thing? It looks overly large to be a fungus. I would guess and it is a
> guess that what you are seeing is a protozoan. I think I should add that most
> fungi that invade the blood are yeast forms not imperfect forms of fungi.
> Many of these yeasts revert to imperfect forms after thay have invaded the
> body. If the individual has an fungal infection and there are fragments of
> the imperfect form in the blood the infection has progressed to the point of
> being untreatable. Paul
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> > I'm having a great deal of difficulty identifying what looks like a fungus
> > in human blood. You can see the micrographs at:
> >
> > http://www.allocca.com/bood1.htm
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> > Please reply by e-mail.
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> > Thank you
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Paul seems right on - the entity apears to be too large and not
consitent in morphology with the typical fungal pathogens.  I think he
is confused regading "perfect" forms and is citing the yeast-mold
conversion of dimorphic fungi (neither of these is necessarily
Why do you think it's a fungus?  Any staining or culture results? You
might try some of the Calcofluor-based stains to look for Beta-linkages.

Phil Geis

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