Food borne E. coli

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Wed Jul 1 12:55:55 EST 1998

On 1 Jul 1998 09:50:47 -0700, "kafkwtz"@andromeda.rutgers (David
Kafkewitz , edu at andromeda.rutgers.edu) wrote:

>With respect to food borne E coli infections, does the stomach provide
>an acid barrier against passage of viable cells to the intestine ? If
>so, does the use of antacids compromise this barrier ?
>Thanks, David

In the long run, probably. And this is for MOST food born infections,
not just the strain of E. coli that has been grabbing the headlines
lately. And the acid barrier, of course, is not 100% effective.
Realize that those bacteria got into your intestinal tract somehow:
you weren't exactly born with them.

I've had a little problem with acid reflux lately, and my physician
prescribed a pill that blocks the production of acid. (GREAT STUFF, by
the way! I can even drink orange juice now!)

However, a side affect of long term use is the increased chance of
infections. So, catch-22: darned if you do and darned if you don't. My
guess is that if you had a long-term problem, you would probably be
put on an antibiotic regimen as well.

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