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Sun Aug 30 07:58:18 EST 1998

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1) The current state of the microbial soil treatment industry is something
like the early days of PC's. Lots of small companies springing up seeing
what they perceive to be an opportunity for great future wealth. Many
however are woefully underfinanced and tend to make outrageous claims for
their product which sometimes - quite literally - is a brew mixed up in
bathtub! And just as with PC's many such companies no doubt will fall by the
wayside as time goes on. So you do have to be cautious particularly with any
requests for 100% cash payment prior to delivery........

2) But the central point still remains - microbial soil treatments do work
effectively in the field. They cost less than chemical fertilizers. They
reduce the need for pesticides. They produce higher cash crop yields. And
all with absolutely zero chemical pollution. By natural consequence
therefore the farmers operating profit substantially increases.

3) My company KNOWS these benefits to be true and frankly we will not be
told otherwise by anybody.  We are at the stage now where we confidently
offer various products to suit various applications and we are comfortable
with our conservative projections. We are not - and will not be - involved
in these somewhat ridiculous and acrimonious public debates between E2001
and BIOLIFE as to who apparerently stole who's formula! We could care less.
Our formulae are first developed and properly tested by our own scientists
and agronomists and the products manufactured with the greatest of care and
high quality. They have a shelf life of two years or more and when diluted
with water for application, they are applied straightaway without the need
for on site holding tanks. The process is easy and the results will
undoubtedly impress you - just as they consistently  impress us. We have yet
to find any crop in any soil condition in any climatic condition which does
not benefit from the use of our microbial soil treatments.

If I may send you further information on this key subject for your future,
please E Mail me.


Arnold Parkinson
Organics International

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